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What people are saying

For me, a tour guide can make or break a trip. You went above and beyond any expectations I had. You brought Israel's present and past to life for us. You kept it real and non-biased, and without discrimination. You really are a wonderful storyteller, and throughout the trip, I appreciated how you wove it all together. Thank you!!

Julie, 2017

Thank you so much for being our incredible tour guide. I learned so much on this trip and feel more connected to my Jewish identity than ever. Getting your insight into Jewish history, theology and the contemporary Israeli political situation was invaluable. This experience could not have been possible without you.

Jordan, 2017

Bill Cartiff, 2015, 2016, 2017

Tour Leader, Best-Day Adventures

I cannot say enough about the experience my group had with BG in Israel during the spring of 2015.  As tour leader for Best-Day Adventures (a division of Ayelet Tours) and a very well-versed world traveler, I can say with all honesty that BG is one of the BEST tour guides I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  His style, patience, wit, inclusiveness and knowledge is top notch from start to finish.  


BG is remarkably knowledgeable of almost any facet of Israel.  His deep understanding was not only an asset to a very curious group, but also a tool by which our group received a richly authentic and meaningful experience. This, after all, is why they came to Israel!


I am grateful for BG's flexibility and understanding of my customized group itinerary and his willingness to accommodate to the fullest extent.  He was attentive, accessible and professional...yet fun and easy to just hang out with at the same time.  My group of single Jewish travelers from North America were completely in tune with BG's interesting stories, insightful perspectives and incredible articulation of historical events that kept us captivated at every turn. 


Honestly, there was nothing more I could have wanted or hoped for from a guide.  I never met the man before this tour (other than a couple of phone calls prior to the trip) but having spent such a meaningful two weeks together, I now consider BG a colleague and friend.  His tour was so awesome that upon returning home I immediately got busy planning another Jewish singles trip for the summer of 2016, and I chose dates where BG could lead us again.

Temple Beth David, 2014

We love BG! He made the trip. He was able to tell stories from history (when we already knew the outcome) in a manner that kept us on the edge of our seats! We had elderly people and 2-8 year olds and he was attentive to everyone's needs - all at one time. He was so knowledgeable it was amazing. I would definitely want him as my tour guide in the future!!


Best tour guide on any tour we have ever taken!

Brendan, 2014

We had such a great time with Martin on our tour of Jerusalem!  I want to thank you for giving Christina his contact info as he definitely made our visit a memorable one.  There is far too much to see and his guidance allowed us to see more sites than we could have done alone.  I’m not sure what he thought of two lapsed Catholics but I hope he came away unscathed!  He picked up on the fact that we like cut up and have fun and he joined in as well. 


Jerusalem is quite a special place as was evident by watching the people from all over the world during the tour.  The physical reactions we saw on so many as they came in contact with their holiest of places is quite a site to behold.

Josh, 2013

I can't thank you enough for leading us on our incredible journey through the Jewish homeland.  Having your breadth of knowledge on tap added so much to the experience because I knew that any time I was wondering about anything at all, you'd be the man with the answer.
Like I mentioned to you on the trip, I did grow up with a strong Jewish identity which I feel that I somewhat lost touch with in recent years.  This trip was exactly what I needed to revive that connection.  I fell in love with Israel and the reality that a strong Jewish homeland exists in this world -- truly incredible.
I keep trying to describe to my parents what it feels like to be in a Jewish country, but the bottom line is that it's something you need to feel for yourself rather than be told about.  I've only been back here for a few days but I've already been thinking about my next trip back to Israel, there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather go.  Until then I'll be studying my Hebrew so that my next time back I'll be a native.
I love what I do.  I'm passionate about it.  I share that with my clients.
Contact me to see how you can share in the experience.

Sarah, 2016

I just wanted to really thank you. I talked to other friends and their experiences with their groups and it was so different for them based off their group and tour guide.


Thank you for being truly unbiased when you spoke to us, informing us with facts, asking us questions that really made us think, and letting us make our own conclusion. It is so rare to find someone so knowledgeable that is also willing to teach without influencing to their own beliefs. We need more people like you educating and especially reporting.


You made this trip so much more powerful than it already was, and I’m sure I can speak for our group as a whole when I say this.

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